Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry, Landscape Quilts, Large Traditional Quits, with a secret (or not so secret) love of Siamese cats

I make cloisonné enamels that I incorporate into jewelry in both gold and silver, sometimes also using gemstones. Most of my enamels are nature themed and mostly botany themed.

I learned how to enamel in seventh grade. I loved it so much that my parents bought me a desktop kiln while I was in high school, and I continued to enamel while in college and beyond, expanding it into a very small business. I have a bachelor’s degree in biology/botany and a Master’s degree in Forest Science. After working in the botany field for around 10 years I made a career change to something I was more passionate about, enameling and making jewelry.

More recently I have started making landscape quilts after taking a class in 2003 where I became hooked (or is it pinned?). I am similarly inspired by the natural world but always start my landscape quilts from photographs I have taken.  The challenge for me is to make my landscapes look as believable as possible. 

Throughout everything I make, nature is a strong recurring influence. I currently live with my husband and cat near St. Paul, one of my two daughters lives nearby and the other lives in the Philadelphia area.

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